NewAir AW-210ED Review

NewAir AW-210ED Review

NewAir AW-210ED
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NewAir AW-210ED Review: PROS / This advanced Dual-zone wine cooler with modern dual-door thermoelectric system allows keeping the temperature from 44 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooler can hold up to 21 standard-size bottles of both red and white wines. Accordingly to NewAir AW-210ED Review, the size and the form of the cooler are very unusual but convenient. It is very thin but spacious inside. It will fit even in the smallest room if there is at least one free corner in it. Comparing to other bigger models, this one is almost tiny. It is just of the right size for those tiny and cozy apartments in New York City.

NewAir AW-210ED Review: CONS / Bottles of the non-standard form will not fit the cooler. It also is not suitable for cooling sparkling wines, since their serving temperature is around 42 F. NewAir AW-210ED Review does not recommend to try to fit champagne bottles in this cooler particularly if you don’t want to break the shelves.And remember it is used only for the standard wine bottles!

NewAir AW-210ED Review: DECISION / The following decision is based on NewAir AW-210ED Review and numerous feedbacks provided by the customers.

This two-zone AW-210ED wine cooler allows chilling both red and white wine. NewAir AW-210ED Review describes key features and the main elements of an exceptional design and characteristics of the wine cooler, which bring it to the top wine refrigerators’ list.

NewAir AW-210ED is a wine cooler that offers special door for every chilling section, allowing keeping bottles of both red and white wine. According to this newer wine cooler review, due to its dual-zone feature, is it much easier for maintaining steady temperatures in every zone available. All types of white wine can be kept here. At the same time, sparkling wines cannot be held in the AW-210ED cooler, since the lowest temperature can reach only 44 degrees Fahrenheit when named the type of wine requires 42-44 degrees Fahrenheit.

Accordingly to newair wine cooler review and characteristics provided below, the cooler can keep different temperatures from top to bottom without any lags and crash downs. The upper part can maintain the temperature up to 66 degrees, and the lower part can maintain the temperature of 56 degrees.The reading can be easily changed from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa.

NewAir AW-210ED Review reminds that this unit does not provide liquid cooling options.

Newair dual zone wine cooler runs on the thermoelectric effect. It has a fen system, which guarantees that the cooler works completely silently. You cannot hear any thousand when this newair dual zone wine cooler is working. No sound. No vibration. That’s why, accordingly to our NewAir AW-210ED Review, it is one of the best choices for those who have little children who should sleep most of the day. And the absence of vibration also means that the wine will not be disturbed while being inside the cooler.

Let us get the deeper understanding of newair dual zone wine cooler main features and characteristics.


NewAir AW-210ED operates using a thermoelectric cooling system. Thus, it works completely quietly and does not use any toxic components that may ruin the environment as well. Being environmentally friendly and operating more quietly than other types of wine refrigerators without inbuilt thermoelectric system, this kind of device is oftener preferred by people than other kinds due to newer wine cooler review. Besides, each zone has its control panel and thermostat. Thus the temperatures are kept for every type of wine separately. At the same time, the thermoelectric system does not allow maintaining the temperature lower than 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, it does not fit for sparkling wines that are mostly served at the temperature of 42-44 F. The control panel, and thermostat at every zone allow setting a proper temperature for white, red and rose wines.

Due to NewAir AW-210ED Review and everything mentioned above, this model stands out among other existed on the market as its thermoelectric cooling device system is pretty efficient and running around 140 Watts. A newair dual zone wine cooler is already a perfected model of those similar units on the market.

With the control panel and temperatures provided, you can easily find the perfect medium using this cooler. NewAir AW-210ED Review recommends keeping your whites cooler, and your reds – a little bit warmer. Don’t worry! This newair dual zone wine cooler knows how to do it the best way. Just divide your bottles into two and stuff the bottom and the top of the fridge relatively.

The upper part of newair dual zone wine cooler has two wine racks to hold up to 6 bottles. And the bottom part has 4 racks to hold 15 bottles of wine. Accordingly to NewAir AW-210ED Review, you cannot place bottles on top of each other even if the size of the bottle allows it. This model is too small. The racks inside the fridge can be easily pulled out and placed back. So, it is very easy to get to the bottles to take them out or just to view the labels.

There is another interesting feature which NewAir AW-210ED Review has not mentioned yet. It is the blue LED light inside the cabinet. It is especially pretty when you turn off the lights in the room. Thus, this cooler can be a small decoration for your Christmas party when all the lights are turned off. It looks very elegant and magic. It is a really beautiful option.

Touch sensor panel in this newair dual zone wine cooler makes it very easy to control and monitor the temperature in the fridge even if you are not good in technologies and other appliances. Actually, the system is very simple.

But there is one important rule you should stick to, which we cannot help but be included in this NewAir AW-210ED Review. The cooler requires correct space and flat, smooth surface to work correctly. It doesn’t like to be placed in the incorrect spaces with uneven surfaces. As it requires a good ventilation on the sides too. At the same time, it can easily fit not only in the house or a small apartment, but also in a bar, or a small restaurant. But never place it outside. Just make sure that this newair dual zone wine cooler stands still and has enough space to circulate the airflow well. These guarantee you will not have problems with it.

NewAir AW-210ED Review should mention that the price of this model is completely adequate and quite low. Generally, you get a powerful though a small fridge at a very reasonable price.

Our newair wine cooler review is not the only one on the Internet. As this concrete model of wine fridges is very popular among customers. Thus, there are a lot of incredible feedbacks and reviews from customers on the Internet.

NewAir AW-210ED Review: DESIGN

This modern dual-zone cooler contains two standard shelves and six slide-out metal shelves. Besides, the unit is equipped with a back cabinet and the convenient back door. Blue LED lights are also installed. The cooling system allows chilling up to 21 bottles of standard size, of both red and white wine. Accordingly to NewAir AW-210ED Review, the top zone can contain six bottles when the lower zone holds fifteen standard-size bottles. Since the upper zone is dedicated to a white wine maintaining, it keeps temperatures between 44 and 66 F. The lower zone average temperatures ranges from 54 to 66 F., which are optimized temperatures for red and rose wine. The digital control and thermostat are set for every zone. The newer dual zone wine cooler is designed to operate indoors, with temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. With higher temperatures around, the thermoelectric unit may face some problems in proper functioning, according to new air wine cooler review. Therefore, new air wine cooler review shows that it is important to provide proper ventilation for a cooler and keep the temperature around about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the refrigerator has no lock. Thus, you should make sure your kids do not have access to wine. Accordingly to NewAir AW-210ED Review, that is the main problem with this model.

As you should think carefully where to place the cooler to keep it out of children reach. At the same time, this newair dual zone wine cooler looks very elegant and chic. So, it can fit any room in your house or apartment. NewAir AW-210ED Review is pretty sure it can suit even the most demanded interior and design. For example, newair dual zone wine cooler particularly suits the following styles: bohemian, coastal, contemporary, cottage, French country, minimalist, and tropical. So, you should not care you have to identify the name of your interior to find out whether the fridge will suit it or not.

NewAir AW-210ED Review considers this model to be one of the best choices for those who are not into wine as much as collectors or sommeliers but still want to have his/her own collection of drinks. And, of course, want to store and age it correctly.

And the glass door guarantees you a significant protection from UV rays. Due to NewAir AW-210ED Review, straight sun rays are one the worst factors which ruin the natural texture of the wine. At the same time, it is very convenient to gaze into your collection. The UV protection feature is 100% recommended by NewAir AW-210ED Review.

NewAir AW-210ED Review: SUMMARY

To sum up everything mentioned above and to make an efficient conclusion of our NewAir AW-210ED Review, we have a few more words to say.

Newer Dual Zone Wine Cooler is one of the best wine coolers since it operates using modern highly-functioning thermoelectric system. This dual-zone cooler has two cooling zones for both red and white wine. Every zone has its thermostat and digital control with LED lights. NewAir AW-210ED Review states that the cooler maintains temperatures suitable for red and white wine. It keeps white wine under a temperature of 44 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit, and the red one under 54 – 66 F. Still, the unit is not designed for maintaining sparkling wine, since its serving temperature is less than 44 F. It is better to keep the cooler indoors, under the temperature about 70 F. and to provide proper ventilation for its continuous work.

NewAir AW-210ED Review: Top Characteristics

  • Tiny and elegant (due to newair wine cooler review);
  • Vibration free;
  • Quiet;
  • Thermoelectric cooling system;
  • Dual zone;
  • Spacy but delicate enough for a small room (due to newair wine cooler review);
  • Touch sensor panel;
  • Beautiful LED lighting (due to newair wine cooler review, can be a part of interior decor);
  • Adjustable shelves;
  • Durable handles (accordingly to newair wine cooler review);
  • Looks fantastic in any interior (due to newair wine cooler review);
  • Glass door with UV protection;
  • Reasonable price ( due to newair wine cooler review).

NewAir AW-210ED Review definitely recommends getting even the smallest cooler possible to keep your wine fresh, flavorful, and delicious all the time. As drinking the wine is like the art. Don’t destroy it with incorrect conditions. Allow your wine to mature properly with the right temperature and the right humidity. Keep it cool and fresh in a professional wine cabinet.

Hopefully, our newair wine cooler review will help you to make the final decision and will teach how to make your wine to preserve its taste for a long period of time.

NewAir AW-210ED Review recommends chilling your wine to the perfect temperature. Don’t store it in a normal fridge or you can ruin the texture of the drink. Don’t drink it too cold or too warm. As a result of newair wine cooler review, it is highly recommended to test special wine cabinets at least once to understand you need to have one of them at home. Try it too.