Sunpentown WC-20TL Review

Sunpentown WC-20TL Review

PROS / This modern single-zone cooler is a highly efficient and needed kitchen tool that operates completely quietly and without any vibrations. This compact wine refrigerator maintains steady temperature between 54 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit, and is designed specifically for maintaining red and rose wines.

CONS / This WC-20TL cooler cannot chill wines below 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it is not suitable for sparkling wines, which are usually kept at temperatures between 40 and 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

DECISION /  Sunpentown WC-20TL Review shows that the cooler has a compact design, and operates by maintaining set temperatures for red and rose wines. Due to its compact design, it is the most suitable wine refrigerator for table placement. Besides, the WC-20TL wine refrigerator keeps all set temperatures steady.

The Sunpentown WC-20TL can contain up to 20 standard-size bottles on its well-designed metal silver shelves. This square-shaped small wine cooler fits every table perfectly. The motor of the cooler operates without any vibrations or noise. Sunpentown WC-20TL wine cooler is specially designed for maintaining red and rose wines and has only one chilling zone. This kitchen appliance is available on the market for an affordable price and remains highly efficient tool. If you have a small collection of beloved red wines, this cooler is perfect according to numerous sunpentown wine cooler reviews provided on the Internet. Besides, many sunpentown wine cooler reviews show that people choose this cooler as the second one in addition to the wine refrigerator for white wines.

From the key characteristics of the cooler, sunpentown wine cooler reviews distinguish the accessibility of black cabinet and trim. Moreover, the reflective door, in addition to being attractive, protects the red and rose wines from sunlight that can ruin the taste. The outside of the refrigerator is equipped with digital control, together with a light button. The blue LED lights can be turned on from the outside, helping you choos the exact wine to take out from the cooler without even opening the door. The slide-out shelves allow keeping up to 20 standard-form bottles, but they are not designed for keeping bottles of non-standard forms. Spt wine cooler reviews show the cooler being one of the most compact and small coolers on the market that suits every kitchen perfectly. Spt wine cooler reviews also claim this unit to look very attractive so it will never ruin the attractiveness of the apartment once being placed there.

The Sunpentown Wine Cooler can chill the bottles of reds and rose wines to temperatures between needed 54 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit. It easily chills merlots to required 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and pinot noir to its optimized temperature. Even being quite small, Sunpentown wine cooler maintains set temperatures steady for a long period. Mostly, all the temperatures showed on the display match the real temperatures insight the cooler. At the same time, as any other wine refrigerator with thermoelectric system, it operates properly under the temperatures less than 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

This one-zone modern wine refrigerator with an advanced thermoelectric system remains one of the best wine refrigerator of its kind. This compact wine cooler, even being quite small, operates steady and maintains programmed temperatures for red and rose wines. It keeps wines under the most optimized temperatures for serving. It can hold only standard size bottles and is not designed for any bottles of the non-standard form. The wine refrigerator’s control display shows the exact temperature that is inside the cooler. The door and LED lights allow choosing the wine to be taken out without even opening the cooler. Since, it cannot keep temperatures lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit, it cannot be used for sparkling wines. Many people prefer this modern wine refrigerator in addition to wine cooler specially designed for a white wine. Therefore, being very compact and small, this cooler brings a possibility of serving wines at an appropriate temperature every time you need it.