Vinotemp VT-21TSP-2Z Review

Vinotemp VT-21TSP-2Z Review

Vinotemp VT-21TSP-2Z is a dual-zone wine fridge, which is an irreplaceable thing for true wine enthusiasts as well as for those who love to enjoy a glass of wine on a Friday night. It helps to keep your wine cool, fresh, and tasty all year round.

The temperature can change from 45 degrees F to 64 degrees F. It depends whether you want to store red or white wine bottles. You can change and regulate the temperature of vino temp whenever you want. The capaciousness of the fridge is impressive. The VT-21TSP-2Z model can hold up to 21 bottles at once. You can use one part for red wines and the other part for white ones.

A vinotemp wine cooler is a high freestanding fridge with chic mirrored doors and transparent glass window. It is very compact and neat. Thus, it will be an ideal addition to any home. Vinotemp wine coolers blend smoothly into Scandinavian, bohemian, urban, and even mid-century interior designs. You will not have any problems with matching vino temp and other kitchen appliances. Moreover, it will be a cherry on top because of a modern metal handle and a unique blue LED lighting, which helps to create a festive atmosphere. The shelves are made of qualitative wood. In general, you will get 7 wide shelves and a temperature sensor.

Believe us, no one of your friends will ignore our vinotemp wine fridge when visiting you. This cooler makes it easier to organize parties and little Friday gatherings. If you have Vinotemp VT-21TSP-2Z in the living room, you don’t have to find an extra place for another bottle of gift wine.

One of the biggest advantages of this model is a thermoelectric cooling unit. This means it works smoothly and quietly, unlike many of compressor-type units. Moreover, it is an energy-efficient fridge. Of course, this factor influences the setting place, but the only demand is a room with a steady temperature (approximately 55-80 F).

PROS And CONS of Vinotemp Wine Coolers
As any other product on the market, this one has its pros and cons too. Most vinotemp wine cooler reviews emphasize only the best parts of the product, which is not acceptable for such significant inputs. So, let’s study the pros and cons in details.

• Modern and contemporary design
• Universal silver color
• Stainless-steel material
• Good capaciousness (up to 21 bottles of wine)
• Dual-zone
• Wooden shelves
• Ultra-quiet cooling unit
• Energy-efficient system
• Keeps wine chilled but not frozen

• Not suitable for tall bottles (maximum 12 inches)
• Control panel inside of the fridge
• This model of vinotemp wine cooler can’t decrease temperatures to the low 40s. The lowest temperature is 45F.
• Should be placed in rooms with steady and moderate temperatures. The best variants are between 55 and 80 F.
• Couldn’t be placed in cold basements and garage placements.
• Is not suitable for unique bottles. Only standard forms.

The VT-21TSP-2Z model has the one-year warranty and continuous support service. When making an order, pay attention, whether a shipping and delivery are free or paid. Vinotemp takes over 100$ for shipping, while Amazon delivery can be completely free in the case of prime membership. So, there are always possibilities to save a lot of money. Nevertheless, the price of this vinotemp wine fridge is quite reasonable and moderate. In any case, you don’t pay an exorbitant price.

Vinotemp VT-21TSP-2Z Review Summary
This model of wine fridge is not standard. So, if you are looking for a special unit, which can be not only a good place for wine but also an ideal part of home décor, definitely consider this model. There are a lot of so-called “best wine coolers” on the market these days, but only a few can be integrated into your home furniture without a problem. This fridge is a good choice for big houses and even better choice for tiny apartments.

We hope that our article was helpful to you. Maybe it will be a final touch to make a correct choice among all vinotemp wine cooler reviews on the Internet.